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Answer: We have a very strong professional team, where our members are technically qualified in textiles and garments, who can execute exactly what customer wants, at the same time can also work with the customers for technical analysis in deciding the right material and garment styling as per their end use.

We have made the uniforms for the sectors like mining, construction, Oil Refinery etc, where highly technical uniform is very crucial.

Answer: iStof is specialized in all uniform related solutions from head to toe. It also includes all types of accessories like cap, belt, socks, badges, metal ranks and stars or any other additional accessory like metal/plastic whistle, baton etc.

Answer: We have the expertise to handle any level of quantities from small to big. In garments, the main MOQ comes in the fabric production. If your quantities are too small, then we have a large library of regular fabrics which can be offered to you for your requirements. If you can select the fabrics from those qualities then we can handle your small quantities also.

Answer: Yes, we can customize your products completely as per your own requirements of branding. We can use various tools like print, embroidery, embossing etc to put your branding on the products. If your costing allows, then we can even put your company name on the accessories like buttons, belt buckles also.