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Accessories add into the aesthetic of uniform and is a very important part. A sub-standard accessory can spoil the complete look of a well-designed main uniform. iStof has created an expertise to make the accessories, well designed in line with the main uniform maintaining the high quality. In line with the high competitive global scenario, we are highly competitive in our cost of the accessories.


A wide range of cap styles like Peak cap, commando cap, base ball cap, woollen caps etc.

Various options of company branding.


Wide variety of webbing belts in different width and the material like Polyester, Nylon, Cotton etc. 

Various options of buckles.

Various options of company. branding.


Specialized manufacturing facility for Neck Tie production with a wide range of fabric material in Polyester, Silk like Polyester etc with different fabric structure options like solid colour, yarn dyed, printed, Jacquard etc available.

Different options of styles like Long length tie, clip on tie, Velcro tie, hook tie etc.

Smart company branding with logo made within the fabric weaving for clear and smart look along with the high durability.



Wide range of socks available in different materials like Cotton, Nylon, Polyester etc in different knit structures like jersey, terry etc.

Smart company branding using modernized professional tool.

Misc Accessories

iStof has strong sources of high quality misc accessories in metal, plastic, textile etc. Maintaining very sharp costing, we can provide high quality products of various items Like metal badges, Lanyards, whistles, badges etc.