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Our Story

iStof is a professional company having a strong presence in garment and textile industry of India, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and many other countries. iStof aims at fulfilling buyers’ demands for uniforms in a precise and resourceful manner.

iStof is a visionary project of Mr Mukesh Sharma, who is M.Tech (Textile Technology) from the most reputed textile institute of India, TIT&S Bhiwani. Having a vast experience of 23 years in the textile industry, he has built a respectable name in the industry due to his balanced approach of servicing the buyers and suppliers in the best interest of all parties. With a vast experience of various fields of textiles, we have developed a strong buyer and sourcing base in various textile categories like yarns, fabrics, garments and workwear.

With our dedication for the integrity and loyalty with the customers, we have successfully established a network of our customers in various countries like India, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Australia, Middle East etc. Our sourcing base also spreads in countries like India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam etc. Our work diligence and ability to render prompt solutions have helped us in building a strong customer base.

Our Infrastructural Facility

Having the offices in India and Bangladesh, we provide a close monitoring of product developments and bulk production programmes for our customers. Our team is very well trained for a very close merchandizing activities, so in addition to the tight control on the order execution, they keep the customers updated with the real time status of their programmes.

Quality Control

iStof is a quality-conscious entity, thus we put special emphasis on our work methods and review our quality management policies at regular intervals. In order to meet and exceed customer satisfaction, we follow international norms of quality at different stages of product development and further processing. Our highly technical and experienced team is well equipped to control the quality right from the raw material to final packing of the finished products. 

New Product Developments

Besides the regular quality controls, our team has an expertise for the regular new developments at all stages of the product. We keep our continuous efforts to keep looking for the new requirements of the customers and then develop the products accordingly.

Innovation is not just the quality, it can be in any direction for the continuous improvements in the product and the process. Today cost has become the most important factor, so it has become a priority to keep working on cost reduction. We strive to innovate new products with right quality and the optimum cost levels.