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Welcome to iStof

iStof is a textile sourcing company dealing in various products like yarns, fabrics and uniforms supplying our products across the globe. Having a strong professional team, we have a very strong sourcing base in various countries. Our strength is to work with customers from the starting stage of product development, sharing technical & market information with customers and working closely with them to source their products with right quality, competitive prices and professional service levels.

We transform your needs into the right product

We transform your needs

We believe that sourcing is not simply buying products from the market. Sourcing is an art to buy the right product, with the right quality, at competitive cost and with the most efficient delivery plan. With a professional team, we work closely with our customers at very initial stage of product & design development, go through the entire process of developing the right product with the right quality and then execute the bulk productions ensuring the desired quality levels and delivery plans.

Our Products

Greige Yarn

Greige Yarns in various  qualities

Dyed and Fancy Yarns

Blended and Fancy Sweater Yarns

Greige Fabrics

Greige Woven and Knit Fabrics

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Finished Fabrics

Finished Woven and Knit Fabrics



Customized Workwear Uniforms

who we are

iStof is an India based company dealing in sourcing of textile products. We have our offices in India and Bangladesh with a professional team to handle the execution at all levels. We have strong sourcing network in various countries like India, China, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. With our dedication to meet the quality and competitive pricing, we are committed to build our business with a stable customer base, providing our best professional service levels.

what we do

We are serving various prime customers for the sourcing of Greige Yarns in all categories with a close follow up for quality and deliveries. Dyed, Melange and Fancy Sweater Yarns have been our strength with a strong product development and professional execution of the bulk orders. We work with the end customers as well as the garment factories, for the right product development and sourcing of their Greige and Finished Fabrics in woven as well as knitted categories. Uniforms is our specialized division providing sourcing support for all items, head to toe.

Our Team

Having a trained team of expert professionals, our team is technically and commercially qualified. We work closely with our customers from very initial stage of product development, to match their expectations. With a vast experience of products from raw material to final product stage, our team is also capable to guide customers to fix the crucial technical parameters of their required products as per their specific end use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: We are the company where our workers work in difficult conditions. Can you also recommend the right uniforms to us, or you just make the uniform as per customer instructions?

Answer: We have a very strong professional team, where our members are technically qualified in textiles and garments, who can execute exactly what customer wants, at the same time can also work with the customers for technical analysis in deciding the right material and garment styling as per their end use.